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Position Keywords: 

Other Experience: 

  • Container Orchestration platforms such as AWS ECS and Kubernetes (AWS EKS)
  • Experience with the Kubernetes echo system tooling
  • Infrastructure as Code tooling - e.g. Terraform
  • Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD): Familiarity with CI/CD pipelines and tools like ArgoCD, Jenkins, GitLab CI, CircleCI, or GitHub Actions.
  • Observability tools including Prometheus, Grafana, Datadog and Rollbar
  • Some experience of modern front-end stacks - e.g. Webpack, Babel, Vue.js, React.js
  • Server technologies such as Node.js and Ruby on Rails
  • Relational Databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • Distributed computing concerns such as message queues and pub/sub
  • Understanding of Graphql and RESTful APIs

About the Job: 

At Vidyard, we make life easier for sellers, marketers and corporate communicators. Our video messaging tools, digital sales room platform, and other products are used by Microsoft, LinkedIn, and thousands of other companies. We’re passionate about elevating our customers, our teammates, our communities, and ourselves.

What they want you to do: 

Vidyard is looking for a Senior Software Developer to be a key player in our Developer Platform team. In this role, you'll be working closely with an awesome team of developers and a product manager, all under the guidance of an Engineering Manager. Your goal? To use your skills to simplify and enhance the day-to-day experience of our developers.

  • Development & Optimization of Core Infrastructure: You'll be instrumental in crafting, enhancing, and upholding the core infrastructure vital for our microservice architecture.
  • Managing Kubernetes Cluster(s): Oversee our Kubernetes environments, focusing on their efficiency, security, and ongoing updates.
  • Implementing Observability Tools: Embed and refine tools for metrics, logging, and distributed tracing, making our systems more transparent and proactive in issue resolution.
  • Code Contribution and Review: Actively contribute to project codebases and expand your impact through code reviews and repository maintenance.
  • Enhancing our CI/CD Pipeline: Elevate our CI/CD processes for swifter and more frequent builds and deployments, while maintaining simplicity and optimization.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring: Utilize SLOs and dashboards to monitor infrastructure performance, supporting developers with new tech and system insights.
  • Adhering to Industry Standards: Apply both industry and our internal standards to maintain optimal system operations through established procedures.
  • Security-Focused System Design: Champion secure-by-default systems with a strong technical design and a proactive security approach.

What You’ll Bring to this Role and Your New Team:

  • Infrastructure Expert: Dive deep into containerization, Kubernetes, and cloud services. If these are your passions, we're looking for you.
  • Developer Experience Advocate: You're all about crafting tools that resonate with engineers. Your focus? Simplicity, supportability, ease-of-use. Plus, you're a pro at gathering feedback and enhancing the developer experience.
  • Pragmatic Visionary: You're not just chasing cool tech. You understand what drives business impact and make smart, balanced choices. You're flexible with tech and languages, and ready to pick up new skills as needed.
  • Decisive in Ambiguity: You're comfortable making decisions in uncertain situations, knowing that action often leads to answers.
  • Communication Champion: You excel in making things clear, understanding risks, and discussing trade-offs.
  • Collaboration Across Teams: Work closely with product teams to build a robust infrastructure that aligns with business needs and developer requirements.
  • Quality Leader: You're driven to uplift our standards in quality, reliability, and performance.
  • Lean & Experimental: You have a metrics-driven approach and love to experiment.
  • Mentor & Guide: Sharing knowledge and mentoring team members is second nature to you.

Bonus if you:

  • Have past experience working at a SaaS Product Led Growth company.
  • Are experienced with AI

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