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2 years Software Developer

Other Experience: 

  • At least 2 years of experience developing robust, well-tested production code in a general-purpose language like C#, C/C++, Java, Rust or Go, or Python.
  • Experience working with machine learning in the computer vision and/or audio domains.
  • ·Aware of common multimedia challenges and how to recognize them.

In addition, may have some of the following skills and experiences

  • Experience with multimedia technologies like FFmpeg, OpenCV or GStreamer.
  • Deep understanding of video/audio compression techniques and technologies.
  • Knowledge of data structures of common multimedia codecs and containers such as H.264 and H.265 AVI, etc.
  • Experience with revision control systems, particularly Git.
  • Experience writing and maintaining automated test suites.
  • Good communication and cross-group collaboration skills.
  • Aptitude and interest in learning new technologies.
  • Practical leadership experience (regardless of title).
  • Ability to work independently on complex projects.

About the Job: 

Who We Are; What We Do; Where we’re Going
Magnet Forensics is a global leader in the development of digital investigative software that acquires, analyzes, and shares evidence from computers, smartphones, tablets and other IoT related devices. We are continually innovating so that our customers can deploy advanced and effective tools to protect their companies, communities, and countries.

Grayshift and Magnet Forensics have come together as one organization to accelerate innovation and transform digital investigations for our customers. We’re pleased to share that the combined organization is operating as Magnet Forensics.

The combination of mobile, cloud and computer forensics expertise under the Magnet Forensics name underscores our dedication to providing comprehensive, end-to-end DFIR solutions. This includes our commitment to helping with access to modern digital devices lawfully with our renowned product suite. And, our focus on innovating for the DFIR community, along with our shared mission, continues to be the top priority.

Where we are today, is not where we will be tomorrow.

What they want you to do: 

Role DescriptionWe are adding a Multimedia Engineer to our team. yopu will research and develop machine learning solutions to multimedia problems.


  • Research and develop machine learning solutions to multimedia problems.
  • Develop production code for new features and bug fixes within a small team.
  • Create technical documentation for other engineers and other teams to follow.
  • Design and write automated tests that will ensure the integrity of our software.
  • Participate in peer code reviews.

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