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Position Keywords: 


Bachelor - Computer Science

Other Experience: 

  • An exceptional academic track record from both high school and university
  • Undergraduate degree in Computer Science or STEM, or a compelling narrative about your alternative path
  • Drive and a track record of going above-and-beyond expectations
  • Well-organised, self-starting and able to deliver to schedule
  • Professional manner interacting with colleagues, partners, and community
  • Knowledge of web (HTML, CSS and JS) tech
  • Fluency in Typescript, React or Flutter
  • An eye for accessibility and performance
  • Professional written and spoken English
  • Experience with Linux (Debian or Ubuntu preferred)
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, curiosity, flexibility, and accountability
  • Passion, thoughtfulness, and self-motivation
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills
  • Result-oriented, with a personal drive to meet commitments
  • Ability to travel twice a year, for company events up to two weeks each

Additional skills that you might also bring

  • Experience with container tech such as LXD, Docker and Kubernetes
  • Curiosity about all aspects of web development
  • Attention to detail in regard to user-centric UI development
  • Experience with systems programming or scalable web services
  • REST API design, development and governance
  • Performance engineering and security experience

About the Job: 

This is a general track for applications to any team at Canonical that works with web-centric tech (JS, TypeScript, React, CSS, Flutter), across all seniority levels.

Many of Canonical’s enterprise products have web front-ends. In order to create consistency across our products and sites, we have a central team that builds an open source React toolkit and presentation layer, the Vanilla Framework. We are excited to develop this further and see if we can help more open source projects build performant and accessible interfaces that respond well to diverse layouts. We use REST APIs for communication, and we consider API design an important part of the process.

We care about accessibility in our products and take time to work with designers.

Flutter is a new front-end technology that has the potential to unify our desktop and web development. We are growing the team's exposure to Flutter and have roles on both web and Ubuntu engineering for this specialism.

We hire developers with outstanding academic results and a passion for open-source software, innovation, and cutting-edge web technologies. In these roles, you will have the opportunity to make significant contributions through high-quality, front-end and back-end code while exhibiting technical leadership, exceptional design, and intuitive user experience.

Additionally, we encourage colleagues to engage with the broader open-source community. We're looking for individuals who can help build a thriving community, contribute to a broad range of technologies, and ensure seamless software operations at scale.

What they want you to do: 

  • Write high-quality, well-designed software
  • Collaborate proactively with a globally distributed team
  • Display technical leadership internally and within our external communities
  • Debug issues and produce high-quality code to fix them
  • Contribute to technical documentation to make it the best of its kind
  • Discuss ideas and collaborate on finding good solutions
  • Work from home with global travel twice annually for company events

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